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Antioch Kajukenbo

(Professor) Manuel Esquivel of Antioch Kajukenbo has been interested in learning more about the Filipino Martial Arts and the Stockton Multi-Style method for some time. After a visit to one of our Saturday classes at Baxter Park, he asked if I could come workshop some FMA fundamentals for his students. Thursday, I took him up on his invite and I had the pleasure to work with some of his kids and a few adults. It was fun and an overall positive experience, as they reminded me of our students. They were enthusiastic, friendly, and easy to teach.

Lots of potential. Keep an eye out for them. They are making plans for a second visit to The Woods! #escrima #arnis #Stockton #StocktonMultistyle #martialarts #selfdefense #antiochkajukenbo #bahalana #leogiron

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