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Edward Talisayan


In 1993 Edward Talisayan joined the Original Bahala Na  Escrima school located at Grandmasters Leo’s residence in South Stockton Ca. Under the late Grandmaster Leo Giron, Edward trained with senior instructors, graduates and senior students. Edward graduated from Bahala Na Club #1 in 1995 and was later given the title GURO in 1999.  Edward has participated in numerous events, seminars and tournaments over the years representing the Bahala Na Club #1. 

In addition to Bahal Na, Edward later received training in the SLD system under Dentoy Revillar and the late Bobby Antuna 
Edward continues to stay active with the Stockton Multi-Style Club and is currently teaching students of all ages. Edward’s goal is to help preserve the art by passing it down to the next generation and giving the community a better understanding of the art, the culture and the beauty of what Filipino Martial Arts has to offer.  Edward states he has been blessed to have the amount of senior instructors and senior students train him during the times in Grandmasters Leo’s back yard and on after. One of the quotes Edward recalls from Grandmaster Leo Giron was, “It is better to sweat in training then to bleed in war.” Edward believes there are two aspects from Escrima and it consists of the art itself and the combat application, training for the truth. 

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