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Gene Inis


Guro Gene Inis, Maestro June Gotico with Grandmaster Ramiro Estalilla and Maestro Phil Matedne at the 2017 Martial Arts Cultural Exchange (MACE)

Guro Gene Inis started his training with Grandmaster Leo Giron in late 1995.  Leo's backyard and basement is where his Escrima journey started.  The school's name was Bahalana Escrima Club #1.  Located in Southside Stockton, CA on San Juaquin St.  During that time his instructors were, Dexter Labonog, June Gotico, Glenn Abrecey, David Paler, Roy Atay and newly appointed Master Tony Somera.  Graduates and senior students were also there to educate Gene in the Art.


Learning techniques and putting in the required time needed.  On October 7th, 1997 he went thru the Bahalana Escrima testing ceremony.  On that day, he became a Graduate under Leo's Club #1.

In the following years.  Gene trained with Maestro Dexter Labanog, Maestro Bobbie Antuna and Maestro Dentoy Revillar. Learning different techniques in the Serrada Largo Mano system.  Also known as SLD.  Master Carlito Bonjoc also shared his knowledge of the Serrada system with Gene.  In 2006, Gene was given the Title Guro Instructor under the Stockton Multistyle Escrima group.

Gene participated in numerous demos, Escrima tournaments and teaching seminars.  He continues to pass his knowledge of Escrima to the next generation.  Ensuring his desire, for the Filipino Martial Arts to live on, for years to come.  The word Bahalana is just not a word or slogan.  It became a way of life for him.  Come What May!!!

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