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June Gotico


June Gotico started training in the Filipino Martial Arts in the backyard of Grandmaster Leo Giron on San Joaquin Street in Stockton California in 1988. June had previously trained in Karate (Kenpo and Renbukai) and in Boxing. He was drawn to the Filipino Martial Arts because of the cultural aspect it presented and because his good friends, Butch Gargalicana and Glenn Abrescy were already training with GM Giron and they talked him into trying it. 

June was lucky to start training when GM Giron’s backyard was full of talented Filipino Martial Artists such as Dexter Labonog, Tony Somera, Michael Giron, Roy Atay, David Paler, Norman Galera,  Elmer Anicas, Glenn Abrescy, Butch Gargalicana, Frank Valencia, Edgar Rugnao, Philip Matedne, Wade Williams and Steve Tarani, just to name a few.  GM Giron, a World War II veteran named his Escrima Club, “Bahala Na”, using the motto from his Army Batalliion, which translates to “come what may”.

June received his Graduate Certificate under GM Giron in July of 1991. He received his Instructor Certificate in October of 1993. He was one of the main instructors in GM Giron’s Bahala Na Club No. 1, in the 1990’s and fought on the club’s famous Fight Team that competed in numerous full-contact tournaments throughout the West Coast and Hawaii. 

In the early 2000’s, June trained for several years in the Serrada, Larga Mano, Decuerdas (SLD) system under Maestro Dentoy Revillar, Guro Bobby Antuna and Maestro Dexter Labonog. In 2006, along with Filipino Martial Artists, Dexter Labonog, Bobby Antuna, Gene Inis, Edward Talisayan, Terry Joven, Tom Flores, Noel Tomboc and Marcus Quilenderino, June started a club that would become known as Stockton Multi-Style. 

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