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08-14-21 Saturday Class in the Woods

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Stockton Multistyle Curriculum Zoom Long Range Training.

Maestro June Gotico, Gene Inis, Edward Talasayan, Terry Joven

Pre Graduates Nelson Pinto, Chris Lacava

Largomano Drills

Guro Gene Inis, Edward Talasayan

Pre graduates George Good and Ramil Joven

Cadeno de Mano

Guro Glenn Abrescy

Students: Michelle Joven, Em Ionidez, Nate Selga, Abraham Garcia, Avery, Nathan, Nico, Eddie Soriano, Jeffrey Dumaguing

Warmups, Deliveries, Bagwork, Flow

Guro Terry Joven

New Student Xirus

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