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09-24-22 Saturday Class in the Park

Defondo, Multiple Strikes, Elasico, Coconut Drill

Guro Terry Joven, Alan Doung

Robert Mederios, Robert from Sac, Bart from Sac, Sonny from Sac, Nicole Horton, Tristan H, Phil from Sac, Jonah T

Beginners Class

Ramil Joven

James and John

Sparring training

Ramil Joven, Anthony Bagalayos

Jonah T, Nicole Horton

Graduation Evaluation

Maestro June Gotico, Gene Inis, Pete Bagalayos, Ed Talasayan, Sal Arellano, Jay Devera, Fernando Navarro, Alex Navarro, Ramil Joven, Anthony Bagalayos, Alan Doung,

Jr Melano, Eathan T, Ernesto Diamonon, Randy Chinn, Brooks Long, James Miranda

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