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Filipino Martial Arts Equipment - Filipino Martial Arts & Supply

Filipino Martial Arts & Supply store - online store - Bunal FMA Equipment

Filipino Martial Arts training equipment - online store

Social Network

Stockton Multi-Style Escrima Club Facebook page - free to join

Stockton Multi-Style Escrima Club Instagram page - free to join

Stockton Multi-Style Escrima training videos - subcribe for free - My Filipino Martial Arts Network

Social network for everyone interested or involved with the Filipino Martial Arts - free to join

Other Filipino Martial Systems - Mata Sa Bagyo Carlito's Filipino Martial Arts

Maestro Carlito Bonjoc jr. specializes in Serrada, Largo Mano and Lapu Lapu - Stockton Escrima Academy

Grandmaster Rene Latosa teaches his specialized Filipino martial art form - Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

Located in Marina Del Rey, Ca. offers Filipino martial arts in addition to other forms of martial arts.

Expanding the Filipino Experience - City on the Edge

A film about one city becoming the center for Filipino martial arts in the United States. - Presenter of tribal and contemporary Pilipino arts

Kularts has grown into a leading elder arts organization uniting generations of artists and community activists.

Resource - Books & Magazines

Leo Giron Bladed Warrior.jpg

Giron Escrima - Memories of a Bladed Warrior

Tells the story of how Grand Master Leo Giron survived through World War II, then coming back home to civilian life. Then sharing his art with the people around him..

Leo Giron Arnis Escrima.jpg

The Secrets of Giron Arnis Escrima

Written by the late Maestro Antonio E. Somera and former student graduate of Grandmaster Leo Giron, Maestro Somera takes an in depth look at the beginnings of the fighting style of escrima to the concpets taught to him.

Danny Inosanto book.gif

The Filipino Martial Arts - as taught by Dan Inosanto

Written by Dan Inosanto; Grandmaster Leo Giron's first student to graduate from the Original Giron Escrima system.


Martial Arts - Combat Sports Magazine

In this issue of Martial Arts Combat Sports magazine, Grandmaster Leo Giron's concept of "Coconut" footwork is explained.

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