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Terry Joven


Guro Terry Joven teaching one of our young students.

Terry Joven started training in the Giron System in 1994. My first instructor was Guro Daniel Siazon at the Stribley Park Class. I found the class in a San Joaquin County adult class brochure.

When the Stribley Park Class closed I started training at Club#1 on San Joaquin Street. My main instructor graduates at that time were Dexter Labonog, June Gotico, Sam Juanitas Roy Atoy, David Paler, Edward Talasayan, Eugene Inis, Eric Abrescy and Joel Juanitas.

When the  GM Giron's house was condemed, the school was than moved to the Stockton Martial Arts Academy where I was teaching Renbukai Karate and other classes. GM Tony Somera was the main instructor there with June Gotico, Edward Talasayan and Eugene Inis and Joel Juanitas.


I continued my studies and practice of escrima into 2003 mostly under GM Somera and Joel Juanitas. My main workout partners were Tom Flores, Noel Tomboc, Marcus Qullenderino.

I submitted my intention to graduate the following April. At that time June Gotico, Edward Talasayan and Eugene Inis took Tom Flores and myself under their wing and started working with us exclusively.


Without their efforts, I doubt we would have survived the graduation process. Tom Flores and myself graduated April 2004. I believe I closed the Stockton Martial Arts Academy sometime in 2005 and we moved our escrima training to the Dagohuy Lodge. 

I was awarded my Instructor Certificate in 2005.
In 2006 due to decisions made by GM Somera and his board, I left that organization with 90% of the active Stockton instructors and graduates,  with the assistance of GM Leo's two sons Mike and Tom we formed the Stockton Multi-style. 

I would say my biggest influences were June Gotico, Dexter Labanog, Glenn Abrescy, Edward Talasayan and Eugene Inis.

My favorite styles are largomano and Combate Indentro.

Although I hold rank in several other martial art 

disiplines I find that if my life depended on it,  I would use the techniques, methods and mind set I have learned from practicing Stockton Multistyle Escrima.

I believe Stockton Multistyle Escrima is the true representives of Leo Giron legasy. I believe that our Instructors and students will be the foundation of Giron Escrima in the future.

Two of my most favorite Leo Giron Sayings...
"Simplicity is the key to success in combat"!
"You don't have to be a master, if you know what your doing"!

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